The new moderator of the PCUSA, Bruce Reyes-Chow, talked last Monday (yikes, I’m behind!) about going where people are already looking for things to make your church visible. Specifically, where they’re looking for advice on stuff other than church. For Bruce’s “emerging” church in San Francisco, that means an online review site, among other things.

How do people find things here in the Quad Cities? Where should we go to bear good news to people who need to hear/see/feel it? I’m guessing most of us didn’t find the church through an online review. We either did it the old-fashioned way and joined because it’s Presbyterian, or we found out from our friends and gave it a try (the really old-fashioned way). Did some of us find the church on our doorstep with good news in its hand?

I doubt most of us like the idea of having “Outreach” and “Evangelism” tagged on the same post, but evangelism isn’t just about convincing people to come to church. It’s about carrying good news to people where they already are. Bruce’s church goes to consumers in the act of shopping. Jesus went where the poor begged and the sick waited to get into healing pools. Where does our good news take us?

(Is it dangerous for me to link this blog to Bruce’s already, when it’s not yet at all clear whether it will survive the “what’s next for our website” process? Or is this how the “emerging website” process works? Am I stepping out boldly in faith? You tell me.)