Hope’s Pasty Bake Sale


1.       As you all might already know, Hope is sponsoring a pasty bake and sale.  The event will be conducted Oct 31, Nov. 1-2.  The proceeds will mostly be used for repair and refurbishing of the back entry and area. 


2.       As I stated in the last newsletter announcement, this is an opportunity for us to inject some new resources into our finances that will come from outside of our church.  If everything works as planned we may be able to raise several thousand dollars for essential church projects.  It will be fun work to do, and it is a wonderful opportunity to experience fellowship with your co-workers as well.


3.       We need the help of everyone here to make this a success.  Specifically, to start with, we need three folks to have your phones numbers listed on the advertising and then to take orders.   I need these order takers names immediately to be able to complete the flyers.  I will speak later about how you can all help with taking orders from co-workers where you work.


4.       Then we will need volunteers to do the actual work of peeling veggies, making and rolling dough, probably doing the baking, then packaging and assisting with the order pickups here at the church.


          Contact Jeff Kroll or John Minter to offer your most essential services for this fun and very useful project.  We need your help to make this fly.  We’d really love to see some new faces involved in this project, to assist those old hands that are now signed on and that already do so much for the good of our church all of the time.


          There will be further announcements to follow on this event.