Hope is building in West Eveleth this summer! We’re pitching in on the newest Habitat for Humanity home on June 26, and we want your help. A group of volunteers is traveling through the area that week, but they could use 8-10 Presbyterians (and their closest friends) to join them on Friday, the 26th. Nathan will kick off the day with devotions at 8:00, then we’ll get down to work.

We need 8-10 builders (16 or older) to make the day a success, but there’s room for as many people as would like to be involved: running supplies, providing lunch, or just cheering on the workers. There are plenty of ways to be involved, whether you’re up to the construction work or not. Contact Sylvia in the office to get on our list of builders, lunch-providers, or other assorted volunteers.

To find out more about the house, visit North St Louis County Habitat for Humanity and click on Current Projects. We’re working on the Angela Curry home, 212 15th Ave West, Eveleth.