John 15:1-17

Communion prayer from (modified) tenebrae service:

Jesus said, “I am the vine, and you are the branches.” He is our link to God, the one without whom we cannot continue. He gives himself to us here, at this table, so that his life may be within us forever. This is the table of blessing, of loving service, of eternal life. Come, all who are hungry and thirsty.

Let us pray: We thank you, Eternal God, our Heavenly Parent, for your Word of grace to your creation. You spoke us into being by your love, and your goodness sustains us forever.

We praise you for the life of Christ, the one who called us into paths of love and service, who showed us the true depth of love. We bless his name, the True Vine, who gives his life for us, in whose name we offer ourselves to you.

Fill us with your Holy Spirit, through these gifts we gratefully share. As we share one bread and one cup, may we be one with each other and with all who call on Jesus’ name tonight. Let us bear fruit in his name, into the mystery of eternal life. Amen.