A major revision of our denomination’s written Form of Government is likely to be approved by the presbyteries and go into effect this summer. To prepare for this change, we need to amend our bylaws to state the quorum required for a Session meeting. Therefore, the Session has called a special congregational meeting for Sunday, May 22 during worship, to vote on the following addition the church bylaws:

A quorum of the session shall be the pastor or other presiding officer and one third of the active elders, except for the reception and dismission of members, when the quorum shall be the moderator and two members of the session.

This proposed bylaw copies the language in our current Form of Government. If the church constitution or bylaws don’t provide for a quorum, Robert’s Rules of Order requires that the quorum be a majority of the body’s membership. Our bylaws already provide a reasonable quorum for congregational meetings.

This called congregational meeting may consider only this item of business, so we expect it to be very brief.