AEOA and the Local Foods Project* are partnering to provide healthy gardening opportunities and classes for our local community. (Education Session Flyer)

Session Schedule for 2011

*All sessions met at 5:30 p.m. and are 45 minutes of training with a 15 minute Q&A session.

Gardening 101
(April 21, 28)
How to read a seed packet; how to prepare garden soil; when to plant seeds versus plants, how to determine watering and sunlight needs of plants.

Planning for a productive garden
(May 26)
Planning a garden; understanding companion planting and rotations; how to plant seeds; understanding mulching, watering, and soil amendments; understanding the return on investment of a home garden; understanding plant varieties and Zone 3 requirements.

I planted my seeds – now what
(June 23)
How to properly thin, mulch, stake and prune; essential garden maintenance.

Don’t Bug My Garden
(July 28)
Sustainable pest control methods.

(August 25)
How to handle garden waste; do’s and don’ts of composting.

Preserving your harvest, putting your bed to bed
(September 22)
Food preservation; preparing a garden for winter.

*Education sessions provided in partnership with the Local Foods Project, a committee of the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability.

All sessions will be held at the Youth Foyer located at:
302 12th Street South,
Virginia, MN 55792
For more information call: Leah Hall, 749-2912 ext. 264