Today we will enter Scripture very simply, reading and reflecting. The format is called Collatio (or the Lambeth Bible Study method), and it consists of prayerful reading as a group (Scripture has always been addressed primarily to groups). We will read the passage multiple times and prompt you for your responses.

Let the special music serve as a prayer of illumination. Take some time to become comfortable, find the passage in the pew Bibles if you’d like, perhaps get a paper and pencil to write your responses. Then we’ll read, sit in silence, and share our responses. There is nothing right or wrong about any responses, only the practice of openness to God.

The reading is Matthew 10:40-42

Reading at home, you may want to keep the Scripture reading open in another window or tab so you can switch between it and this page.

The first reading…

Meditate for about a minute. Let a word, a phrase, idea, image or thought catch your awareness. I invite you to share one (just one).

The second reading…

Reflect for another minute. Recognize where this passage touches your life today. I invite you to share (again, just one).

The third reading…

Reflect for one more minute. In what you’ve heard, what is God calling you to do or become? In what way is God inviting change into your life? Write, share, or pray (again, say just one thing out loud).

Caring God, as we gather these meditations into prayer, seal your word in our hearts and live in our lives, in Jesus’ name. Amen.