This year’s Vacation Bible School is July 11th-15th from 9:00-11:30.

Take a trip back in time to ancient Nazareth where Jesus was a kid. We will visit with Mary, Jesus’ Mother, as she tells us about raising God’s son. Through their adventures children will discover that Jesus had a family, a name, a home, served others, and went to church just like we do, too. We will have a great time singing lively songs, playing exciting games, and visiting an Nazarean marketplace filled with attention-grabbing, hands-on shops such as Carpentry Shop, Bead Bazaar, Synagogue School, Olive Oil Shop, Wool Shop. Also available are the Rock Quarry, the Farmer’s Field, and the Synagogue School. Of course there are always tasty snacks like fried locust – Yum! On top of that, we will be helping children learn about God’s amazing love. This is a good intergenerational project so we would love to have anyone volunteer to help out. There are always opportunities available to come and experience this time with the children in Hometown Nazareth.

Please consider setting aside a day or two or five to assure that this year’s VBS will be a success.