Mark your calendar – Sunday, July 17th

The Support Committee has planned a Church wide cleaning and fix up hour.

Our plan is to invite all willing participants to help spruce up the buildings.

Wear your work clothes to the church service at 9:30 and, following a short Sunday service, you will be invited to dive into the many projects that have been in need of our attention for some time now. Following the Fix-It Hour we will have the Ice Cream Social to celebrate.

All talents are needed, from workers to supervisors. Some of us are better equipped to fetch and carry, while others are better at pointing at the objects that we need to carry. We will also need persons willing to look after the younger ones, while their parents toil without their help.

Projects include cleaning of window sills; sorting/organizing items that are lying around the buildings; returning many items to their proper location; and removing others to the recycling/disposal area.

Your help will be greatly appreciated and welcomed.