Last Tuesday, Food for Thought watched this video, where Dan Pallotta makes the case that we’re thinking about charity all wrong: we should care about results and the scale of the impact an organization is making, not their overhead percentage or how much the executive is paid.

(thanks to David Lose)

This video raised two other questions, which we’ll explore this Tuesday (April 2, noon) with some more videos:

1. Given all the problems our nonprofits could be solving, which ones should we focus on? Bjorn Lomborg gives us an economist’s argument for where to start:

2. A bigger problem than which charities to fund: what can we do about greed (as part of human psychology)? Maybe we need to listen to Michael Norton about how to buy happiness:

Speaking of happiness, this short talk by Graham Hill tells us what (not) to buy:

Join us this Tuesday to be part of our discussion. And if you want to know still more about happiness, check out this TED playlist.