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It turned out there was a different sermon at 8:00 than at 10:30 (the preacher isn’t always in control of these things). The Show and Tell was the same.

Luke 24:1-12Cerezo Barredo clipart

It’s a snowy Easter this morning. This is how it goes, isn’t it? But we know that the winter is worst just before spring.

The part of winter before this is how it goes too, isn’t it? In the dark months, there’s nothing about winter that says spring is coming.

There’s nothing about Jesus’ suffering and death that says life is on its way; the women’s story sounded like “nonsense.”

Nor is there anything about our death that points to life. After all, Jesus’ death wasn’t unique in that sense. It’s no wonder we fear death.

The wonder is that we find hope in the face of death. It’s a wonder that we share life with others as if that great enemy doesn’t finally win. It’s a wonder we don’t sell all our garden tools each November.

The wonder is that Jesus’ resurrection is no more unique than his death. New life is always coming forth from death and springing up in unexpected places.