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Ephesians 1:15-23; Acts 1:6-14

Our show and tell this morning is the bulletin cover, which is a coloring book page (appropriate for Youth Sunday) of Jesus going up to heaven.

I wonder how the disciples felt, watching Jesus go up and away from them. I imagine they were amazed, scared, confused, maybe even strangely hopeful. To be sure, they must have been wondering what happens next.

That’s when, as our story tells it, the angels arrive. Two people, dressed like messengers from God, seem to say, “It’s your turn.” They remind the disciples that it’s not where Jesus went that matters, it’s what he said: “Go be witnesses for me. Show the world what I was all about.” And what was Jesus about? He was about living in God’s love, about caring for each other, about sharing with everyone. He was able to do this by remembering that the Holy Spirit is always with him. By that Spirit, now it’s our turn.

The church does this by teaching and learning these stories, by welcoming people no matter who they are, by giving our resources to the community. And we get to do this too, by sharing with our siblings and friends, by giving an extra hug to someone who needs one, and always by remembering that God is with us.

Then the “real” sermon is adapted from the story “No Other Plans” by George MacLeod.