In the September 24th issue of the Washington Post, there was a very good article by Michael Frost on the NFL “bent knee” controversy, comparing the Christianity of Colin Kaepernic with Tim Tebow’s. The following excerpt summarizes the issue that is dividing the church:

“And not just in the United States. In many parts of the world it feels as though the church is separating into two versions, one that values personal piety, gentleness, respect for cultural mores, and an emphasis on moral issues like abortion and homosexuality, and another that values social justice, community development, racial reconciliation, and political activism.

One version is kneeling in private prayer. The other is kneeling in public protest.
One is concerned with private sins like abortion. The other is concerned with public sins like racial discrimination. One preaches a gospel of personal salvation. The other preaches a gospel of political and social transformation. One is reading the Epistles of Paul. The other is reading the Minor Prophets.
One is listening to Eric Metaxas and Franklin Graham. The other is listening to William Barber and John Perkins. One is rallying at the March for Life. The other is getting arrested at Moral Monday protests.

You can see where this is going. The bifurcation of contemporary Christianity into two distinct branches is leaving the church all the poorer, with each side needing to be enriched by the biblical vision of the other. ”

This would be worth discussing more than once. A Christianity that is most concerned with inward piety can all too easily turn a blind eye to the evils in the world it is called to fight, by standing up for (and with) those Jesus sided with: the poor, the powerless, the expendable. But a Christianity that forgets the inward journey and stresses “the Church militant” in terms of activism, can all too easily turn into simply another social service agency and loose its bearings, heart and inspiration. As Mr. Frost said, both sides can be enriched by the other. But only if we will both talk and truly listen.